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Manager and assistant manager

There is a manager who is responsible for the organization of the unit, the staffing, patient care, and policy-related activities. In addition, the manager is responsible for the management of the equipment.

Medical specialists

Three nephrologists are employed by the clinic. One of the nephrologists is the medical chief. The manager and the medical chief are jointly responsible for the clinic’s policy.

Dialysis nurse

These are specialized nurses, who, after graduating from basic nursing school, have specialized as a dialysis nurse.

Dialysis assistant

These are specialized practical nurses, who, after graduating from basic practical nursing school, have specialized as a dialysis assistant.

Administrative office

The administrative staff is involved in all telephone and administrative activities concerning the outpatient clinic visits and the dialysis.

Social work

A social worker, who is available for requests for assistance in the psychosocial area, is an employee  of the dialysis clinic. An initial meeting always takes place. You can call the social worker without any obligation. All information is treated confidentially.


The kidney disease dietician works at the dietetic unit. The dietician can help you make choices with regard to your nutrition, so that you can reduce and/or prevent certain symptoms.

Medical technology

Employed within the unit is also a medical technician who takes care of the maintenance and repairs of the dialysis equipment and other medical equipment. 

Opening hours

The clinic is open daily, except Sundays, between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Dialysis takes place in the morning and in the afternoon.


In case of medical problems related to dialysis, please contact the Dialysis Clinic.

Direct telephone number Dialysis Clinic: (+297) 527-4371.

In case of medical problems related to dialysis outside opening hours, please contact the reception clerk of the hospital and ask for the dialysis nurse on duty. Telephone number reception clerk hospital: 527-4000.