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As a patient you have certain rights but also certain duties. This information is important as this will facilitate your stay at the Hospital.  

Entitled to information

Information provided by the physician, nurse, or any other care provider should be clear and understandable with regards to:

  • your sickness or affliction;
  • the nature of the treatment or the examination;
  • the result of tests and (X-ray) examinations;
  • the expected duration of the treatment and the expected results;
  • any other treatment options;
  • the consequences or risks, if any, of the treatment or examination (e.g. the medicines, pain or discomfort, and side effects, if any)

Inform your physician in the best possible way

Be very clear when informing your physician about your medical issues. We suggest you to write down your questions in advance, so that you will not forget anything. It is also recommended to bring a relative or a trusted acquaintance.


There are brochures on many topics. Please ask your physician about them.  On our website you will find a list of all the brochures the Hospital has to offer.