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For certain examinations, treatments or surgeries you are medically required to stay at the hospital. You go to the Admissions Department in the Hospital lobby with your admission request form. The Admission assistant records all information in the Hospital Information System. If you have to be hospitalized for surgery, you will take your admissions card to the pre-screening. After the pre- screening, you will receive your admissions card as well as the documents for the anesthesia. You will subsequently deliver them at the Admissions Department.

For a smooth procedure it is necessary to bring:

  • a valid ID;
  • the AZV health insurance card &
  • and a guarantee of first or second class insurance.

As soon as your hospitalization is planned you will receive a phone call with the date and time you’re expected.

Should there be any major changes in your health status in the meantime, please contact your family physician or the attending physician.

If you are not available for hospitalization for a lengthy period of time on account of personal circumstances, for instance vacation, or if you have urgent questions about your hospitalization, please contact the Admissions Department on business days between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Contact Admissions Department:
Tel.: 527 4001
Fax: 587 2342
E-mail: opname@arubahospital.com

For more information please click here for our admissions booklet (booklet is in Papiamento).